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It’s a new day for marketing in America. The enormous spending power and boundless opportunities of an increasingly diverse populace are no longer lost on advertisers with hearts and minds to win and brand relationships to build.

Multicultural audiences are no longer a secondary strategy. Savvy storytelling must now be inclusive of the entire market. Total marketing, cross-cultural marketing – these are the foundations for long lasting brand growth in America today.

And the way of tomorrow.

The CMR Edge

That realization didn’t materialize overnight. And neither do the skills, insights and experience required to understand the nuances of creating communications that connect across cultures. At Creative Marketing Resources, that’s been our specialty – and our passion – for over 20 years.

Some of the best-known names on the planet have turned to CMR for the insightful strategies and compelling creative that grab their audiences, reach a greater market, and accomplish their goals. Our approach incorporates cross-cultural perspectives right from the start, not as an afterthought. The result: a cohesive, blended strategy based on our similarities, not our differences; a foundation from which powerful messages can be created to resonate with the greatest share of the total market.

That’s the way to create real brand connections. That’s the CMR edge.

What We Do Best

We are the total market

Jacqueline Moore, MBA

President & CEO

Lauren Banks

Account Services Director

David Bowles

Strategy & Planning

Linda Binkley

Art Director

Paul Patterson

Senior Copywriter

Andrew Klain

Public Relations Manager

Chaji Yang

Graphic Designer

Mary Jo Garinger

Public Relations Director

Marilyn Hampton

Media Director

Erica Hayes

Account / Media Manager


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