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Every marketer has the same goal: a bigger piece of their particular pie. But what if, instead of fighting for a slice of that same old pie, you could create a whole new pie? Think about it this way: Today’s consumers are a mix of every imaginable perspective, lifestyle and life experience. If you can create strategies and messages that speak to all of them – not just a slice – that’s exactly what you’ll do…

The CMR Edge

Since 1995, some of the best-known names on the planet have turned to CMR for the insightful strategies and compelling creative that grab their audiences, reach a greater market, and accomplish their goals. Our approach incorporates cross-cultural perspectives right from the start, resulting in a cohesive, blended strategy based on our similarities, not our differences; a foundation from which powerful messages can be created to resonate with the greatest share of the total market.

That’s the way to create a bigger pie. That’s the CMR edge.

What We Do Best

We are the total market

Jacqueline Moore, MBA

President & CEO

Lauren Banks

Account Services Director

David Bowles

Director Strategy & Planning

Erica Hayes

Account / Media Manager

KaDi Jones

Account Specialist

Kevin Michaels

Digital Account Manager

Andrew Klain

Public Relations Manager

Ray Herndon

Creative Director

Linda Binkley

Art Director

Chaji Yang

Senior Graphic Designer


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