Every marketer has the same goal: a bigger piece of their particular pie. But what if, instead of fighting for a slice of that same old pie, you could create a whole new pie? Think about it this way: Today’s consumers are a mix of every imaginable perspective, lifestyle and life experience. If you can create strategies and messages that speak to all of them – not just a slice – that’s exactly what you’ll do…

Unlike general market agencies, we incorporate cross-cultural insights right from the start, resulting in a cohesive, blended strategy based on our similarities, not our differences. This provides us with a foundation from which powerful creative can be developed to resonate with the greatest share of the entire market. We like to call it “the CMR edge.”


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We are the total market.

As a true cross-cultural marketing agency, we’ve taken great pains to build a team of dynamic professionals that crosses every ethnic, gender, and generational divide. This enables us to incorporate the multiple perspectives needed to fully reach the New American Mainstream. Another advantage of working with a mid-size agency like CMR is our willingness and capability to assign experienced, senior-level marketing experts to adequately address your communication needs. Our employees have an average tenure of 10 years and an average of 12 years of marketing experience.